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Who needs FREE Solar Heat from the Sun?

Anyone in Texas who wants to extend their swimming season from 3 to 8 months using FREE energy from the sun to enjoy relaxed and comfortable swimming in 80°+ F water.

I am having a pool built. Is this a good time to have a Solar Survey?

Yes, A Solar Survey before you build your pool can save you $100's in installation cost. Sunrise Solar will work closely with the pool builder to greatly reduce installation cost.

Will a FAFCO Solar System heat my pool?

A Solar Survey by Sunrise Solar is designed to provide a Solar Heating system to heat your pool water with 80°+ F for 8 months of the year. During the coldest months of the year, November, December, January, and February, the Solar system will continue to heat your pool as long as the air temperature is 60°F to 70°F during to day. The solar heated pool will typically be at least 10-15 degrees warmer than an unheated pool. During freezing conditions the solar systems should be shut down.

How can a FAFCO solar system COOL my pool?

During the hot summer months with 100°F days, some pools get to warm for comfortable swimming. Running the solar system at night can cool a pool to a more refreshing swimming temperature - down several degrees in one night if the conditions are right.

What does a FAFCO solar system cost to operate?

The Solar heating system uses your existing pump to operate, there is almost no increase in operating cost, generally less than $1 per month. Gas can cost an average of $500 per month in increased operating cost and Electricity can cost an average of $300 per month in increased operating cost.

Can I use the solar heating system for my swimming pool and household hot water?

No. A Solar heating system for your pool is designed specifically for your pool. Domestic Hot water systems use household water and are totally separate systems.

What about tornadoes, hail and strong wind storms?

Our installation procedures are designed and have been approved to withstand strong winds and have been tested in a wind tunnel at winds up to 120 miles per hour. The solar collectors will resist hail damage. Installations have survived hail damage that has ruined the shingles of the roof. Most household insurance policies cover the solar collectors.

My roof has been damaged by hail and will need to be replaced.
Should I wait to heat my pool with solar?

Our FAFCO Systems are installed so they can be quickly removed and later reinstall them at very low cost. If the roof is damaged by hail most homeowners insurance cover the cost of removal and reinstallation. If you are waiting to have your roof replaced, we will remove and reinstall the solar panels at no charge for up to 1 year. If later than 1 year, it can be reinstalled at a very low cost.

What if I already have a gas or electric pool heater for my spa?

As you already know the cost of heating your pool with a gas or electric heater can be prohibitively expensive. Our solar system can be used to pre-heat your spa or your pool to minimize the cost of additional heat. In this way, you can usually enjoy a warm pool regardless of the weather, and save about 80% of the cost of heating with the existing heater.

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