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 FAFCO is the world's largest manufacturer of solar pool heating panels, with over 125,000 systems and 1,000,000 solar panels installed worldwide. That's nearly twice as many as our closest competitor. All FAFCO panels are made of durable, lightweight, ultra-resistant, polyolefin material blended with proprietary additives at our plant under exacting, quality-control standards. The SunSaver™ Solar Panel is backed by FAFCO's 12-Year Warranty and the peace of mind that it's designed and built by the best in the business.


Product: SunSaver™ Solar Heat Exchanger
Description: The SunSaver™ Solar Collector is manufactured in Chico, California. The collector is a specially developed, highly stabilized polyolefin and is of a parallel, circular channel design. It is unglazed, uninsulated, and designed for low temperature applications such as swimming pool heating/cooling, heat pumps, aquiculture, and hydroponics.
Header Length = 50.875in (1.29m)
Width (Panel Body) = 47.5in (1.21m)
Overall Dimensions
Effective Area
4ft x 8ft (1.22m x 2.44m)
31.6ft² (2.94m²)
4ft x 10ft (1.22m x 3.05m) 39.5ft² (3.67m²)
4ft x 12ft (1.22m x 3.66m) 47.8ft² (4.40m²)
Roof Mounting Space:
Width = [Number Panels x 50.875in (129cm)] + 24in (61cm)
Length = Panel Length + 24in (61cm)
Rack Space:
Width = [Number Panels x 50.875in (129cm)] + 2in (5cm)
Length = Panel Length + 6in (15cm)
Recommended Flow:
Normal:   4 gpm per panel
    0.87 psi head loss (908 l/hr, 0.061 kg/cm²)
Max:   8 gpm per panel
    3.47 psi head loss (1,817 l/hr, 0.244 kg/cm²)
Min:   3 gpm per panel
    0.48 psi head loss (681 l/hr, 0.034 kg/cm²)
Panels Per Bank (max):
12 panels single end feed
17 panels diagonal feed
Max. Intermittent
80°F (27°C)
0 - 30 psi (0 - 2.11 kg/cm²) 45 psi (3.16 kg/cm²)
212°F (100°C) 0 - 5 psi (0 - 0.35 kg/cm²) 5 psi (0.35 kg/cm²)
70°F (21°C) Measured burst pressure of panel body = +300 psi (21.1 kg/cm²)  
Operating Temperature:
60°F - 90°F (16°C - 32°C)
Max. Continuous:
212°F (100°C)
Max. Intermittent:
250°F (121°C) w/norm. pressure
Melt (failure):
338°F (170°C)
Chemical Resistance: Compatible with common collector fluids.
Corrosion: Non-corrosive
Freezing: Panels should be drained before freezing conditions occur.
Weatherability: Weatherometer, accelerated outdoor exposure, and other extensive laboratory testing demonstrates long-term weatherability of SunSaver™ collectors (see warranty). Additionally, FAFCO's experience of nearly 30 years and over 1,000,000 collectors installed confirms that the proprietary stabilization and high mechanical strength results in negligible warranty over the TWELVE-YEAR warranty period.

Weight Unfilled:


Panel Size
Gross Weight
Area Weight (Avg)
4ft x 8ft 13.5lbs (5.04kg) 0.42 lbs/ft² (2.05 kg/m²)
4ft x 10ft 15.9lbs (5.93kg) 0.40 lbs/ft² (1.95 kg/m²)
4ft x 12ft 18.3lbs (6.83kg) 0.38 lbs/ft² (1.86 kg/m²)

Weight Filled:

(Fluid: water)

Panel Size
Gross Weight
Area Weight (Avg)
4ft x 8ft 51.1lbs (19.1kg) 1.60 lbs/ft² (7.81 kg/m²)
4ft x 10ft 59.8lbs (22.3kg) 1.50 lbs/ft² (7.32 kg/m²)
4ft x 12ft 68.5lbs (25.6kg) 1.43 lbs/ft² (6.98 kg/m²)
Absorptivity: 0.96
Emissivity: 0.90
Time Constant: 64 seconds
Tested Output: 1,014 BTU/ft² (data from: Florida Solar Energy Center)
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